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Project 4:

Modelling and Optimizing Biological Processes

Prof. Dr. Ralf Hofestädt (bioinformatics and medical informatics), Bielefeld University
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Bachmann (simulation, systems modelling), FH Bielefeld

Modelling of biological processes usually is based on pairing some experimental data with an initial hypothesis, which is refined and validated through further experiments and simulations until the final model comprises all relevant parameters and processes and can be used for controlling and steering the system.

This project focuses on combining the modelling process, integration of data and analyses in a single software tool. Its graphical user interface offers functionalities for modelling biological systems as networks representing the components and their interactions. Datasets retrieved through one's own experiments can be validated and extended by accessing biological databases. Complex plug-ins for filtering and analyses help build a model, which has been reduced to the relevant data and processes and yet represents the impact of all parameters as accurately as possible to match the model with the experimental data. The complete system can then be simulated based on such a model.

Overview on software components