MoRitS is a cooperation of

University of Bielefeld

University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld

government-funded by

Ministry of innovation, sciences and research of the State of Nordrhein-Westfalen

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MoRitS – Closing Event
3 November 2016
Conference room, main building, FH Bielefeld

group photo of MoRitS taken in July 2013, with PhD students, supervising professors and managing director


9:00 Welcome    
9:15 TP1: Magnetoresistive Sensors Based on Nanoparticles in Novel Silica Gels
  Prof. Andreas Hütten, Marianne Bartke, Uni
Prof. Christian Schröder, FH
9:35 TP2: Bio-inspired Electroreceptor Systems for Navigation in Fluids
  Prof. Jacob Engelmann, Sabine Wolf-Homeyer, Uni
Prof. Axel Schneider, Sabine Wolf-Homeyer, FH
9:55 TP5: Immobilization of Algae in Novel Silica Gels for Biological Hydrogen Production  
  Prof. Olaf Kruse, Deepak Venkanna, Uni
Prof. Anant Patel, Vanessa Homburg, FH
10:25 Coffee break    
10:45 TP4: Modelling and Optimizing Biological Processes
  Prof. Ralf Hofestädt, Christoph Brinkrolf, Venus Ogultarhan, Uni
Prof. Bernhard Bachmann, Lennart Ochel, FH
11:15 TP3: Real-time Image Processing of Super-Resolution Optical Microscopy Data of Living Cells  
  Prof. Thomas Huser, Viola Mönkemöller, Uni
Prof. Marc-Oliver Schierenberg, Tobias Ebert, FH
11:35 Finale    
12:05 Group photo    
12:15 Lunch (FH-Cafeteria)    


The event takes place at

FH Bielefeld
Interaktion 1
33619 Bielefeld
Main building, Conference area